It is adapting “to new terrain”, the daily series. And one, in addition, that has arrived stomping. Although the criticism with which the series began due to the little or no accent of almost all its characters with the exception of some within the serfdom, and that it is set in Andalusia immersed in the midst of the Spanish Restoration —in 1913, at the gates of the First World War—, It has managed to captivate viewers and practically every episode it is gaining followers in the afternoons of La 1 de RTVE. Among the faces that have most attracted the attention of viewers andThere is that of Carmen Asecas.

Surrounded by actors and actresses, both newcomers in said world, such as the protagonist, Ana Garcés, or Arturo Sancho, to much more established interpreters such as Eva Martín, Joaquín Climent, María Castro, Manuel Regueiro or Carmen Flores Sandoval —who gives life to Simona Martínez , the favorite character of Asecas—, the interpreter considers her participation in fiction as a continuous learning process.

In her plays Catalina Lujandaughter of the first marriage of the Marquis and twin of Tomás (Marc Coll), a woman of innovative and modernist ideals, whose decisiveness makes her the perfect candidate to inherit the estate if it were not for the fact that at that time a woman could not inherit. A role with which he is still “freaking it out” because “it was all very fast” and did not know “how to manage it”, as he confessed in an interview with .

The young actress, although raised in Valencia, was not born there, but in Alaska, in the United States, where his father was from, which is why he speaks three languages ​​(Spanish, Valencian and English). In addition, he knew from a very early age that he wanted to dedicate himself to acting and put himself on stage, which is why his entire training has been headed in that direction.

Furthermore, he has admitted that his last name, Asecas, is artistic. “When I was little I was very angry that Mari Carmen and other derivatives of Carmen called me and I always answered that it was just plain Carmen and I put my name on all social networks and that’s where it has stayed, because I like it,” she pointed out in said chat.

Carmen Asecas first trained at the Higher School of Dramatic Art in Valencia, where she graduated, in addition to the fact that since she was a child she had studied singing and solfeggio — at the La Nau Choir School, linked to the University of Valencia —, of contemporary dance and urban dance and even one of aerial fabrics.

After all this, he moved to Seville, where in 2019 he joined the XXI Theater Research Laboratory at the Atalaya TNT Center, although during the pandemic he took the opportunity to carry out another course, in this case film, at Universal Arts School from the capital of Turia.

By then I had already entered be part of an experimental theater company, baptized As Atentados Teatrales, and with which he participates in festivals such as Ruzafa Escénica (Valencia), Teatro Radical (Córdoba) or Encuentros Concertados (Seville).

Also interested in education, in 2019, together with the Little Lions company, she carried out a national tour with the play children’s and youth theater in English. He has also participated in other works such as [La ópera de los tres centavos]by Bertolt Brecht],

In front of the cameras, apart from having participated in advertising, such as in a spot for Coca-Cola in 2014, she could be seen debuting in the series great winner of the Feroz awards this year and in which he participated in three episodes playing Noe. After that would come her great opportunity in as it appears on her resume within her agency, Mayte Ortega.

“My life has changed a lot. I am also discovering who Carmen Asecas is now”, He stated, as well as that these first steps in the industry have been “very exciting”, especially since he acknowledges that he “frightened the camera quite a bit” coming from the theater. In addition, as an actress she considers herself “very self-demanding”, although she claims to have learned “to take weight away from things and take on frustration”, and someone who loves to work as a team.

Carmen Asecas, in addition, has practically doubled her number of followers on Instagram since the broadcast of the series began. If in January of this year she had about 1,500 today it is close to reaching 3,600, who can see both his love for nature and the sentimental relationship that he has had for a few years with Will Martz, an artist, jazz pianist and music producer, responding with messages of affection each publication that the other makes.

For now no more audiovisual projects in sight Since she is focused on RTVE’s daily series coming out as well as these first weeks of broadcast predict, Carmen Asecas is clear that she will return to the theater at some point. And perhaps, if all goes well, what other adventures can she have now that she is becoming more popular?