The actress and pioneer television presenter Laura Valenzuela He passed away this Friday at the age of 92. after several days admitted to the La Princesa hospital in Madrid. On her part, her daughter, Lara Dibildos, who did not leave her side during these difficult days, now faces some of the most difficult moments.

When she left the hospital after the death, Lara spoke to the media that were outside and through tears she assured that, although she is broken with pain, she feels a certain relief knowing that her mother is no longer suffering: “He has rested, finally. It has been hard”.

The actress, on the other hand, has also thanked the press for all the love her mother has received throughout her career and, especially, in recent weeks. Thus, she has highlighted the respect and affection of the profession in this situation, as well as that of all the people close to her who have worried about her.

In this way, before going to the San Isidro funeral home where the funeral chapel of Laura Valenzuela has been installed, her daughter has claimed to feel calm but feeling a great pain for the loss of his dear mother.

The death of Laura Valenzuela has left a void in the world of television that is in mourning after the death of Laura Valenzuela. And it was only a few days ago, last Monday, when the news of her admission due to a complication in his health.

After spending a few days in the ICU, Laura was transferred to the ward, but she was unable to fully recover and this Friday she passed away because of an infection surrounded by her loved ones.

Terelu Campos was in charge of communicate the death after Lara Dibildos asked her to be the one to convey the message. The presenter was very excited live due to the friendship that unites her with Lara and her family.