‘The Voice Kids’ column juror Lena is ‘a big fan’ – but loses to Wincent Weiss


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There was a little scandal at the start of the new season of “The Voice Kids”. Some have raised concerns on social media that coach Lena Meyer-Landrut (31) was wearing a knit top that was too tight. Not a good model found some. Others said the singer was too over the top. And how fellow jury member Michi Beck (55) uncharmingly tells a contestant, “If you’re not going to see her, then she ticks it off.” Lena sees things differently. “I’m really sad,” she explains when top talent Jayden chooses Wincent Weiss (30).

‘The Voice Kids’ judge Lena: ‘I’m a blatant Jayden fan’

This Jayden is the star of the night. 14 is the boy. All the coaches suddenly turn around. He is allowed to sing twice because everyone is asking for an encore. There’s no point in Lena saying, “I’m such a blatant Jayden fan.” Wincent hangs up and wins: “This is the starting signal for something really big.” Dominik from the Oberpfalz tries it out with the Beatles. The 11-year-old “looks Catholic,” says Fanta 4’s Michi.

Alvaro should address the boy from Bavaria and spontaneously sing “O sole mio”. Daniella (9) from Kassel also receives the four coaches. Just like Lotte (9), who offers “I think you’re shit”. “Can you sing here?” Lena asks purely rhetorically. Alexandra (13) is strongly courted by U2 after “One”. We learn: it’s like the labor market – there is an urgent need for skilled workers. Whoever has the best coaching skills will win. Then there are the advertisements for women’s sanitary napkins with good leak protection.

“The Voice Kids” is a bit like the circus

In a way, this “The Voice Kids” looks like a circus. Attractions, additional services, exotic things. Odd tones fall into the “well-meaning, poorly-done” category. And we wonder: Why do some parents knowingly send their children to such a spectacle? With the calculation of the greatest possible failure? Nevertheless, they hear from the jury: “You are a star!” Why are you saying that when it’s not really true. Educational value? Pedagogically useless!

Alvaro, juror of “The Voice Kids”: “I have never felt so bad.”

Malina (13) from Hamburg feels in good hands with Wincent. Lena looks angry. And Alvaro, who had not turned around, admits: “I have never felt so bad.” Speaking of bad, in case you’re interested, I don’t even play in the shower. Because I also have respect for white tiles. Or as a first fatherly advice said: “Please don’t sing!”

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