Amira & Oliver Pocher They predicted the flop of the Wendler documentary


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Despite constant criticism, “RTL2” Michael Wendler (50) wanted to offer a platform and accompany him and his wife during their pregnancy. It was not until the beginning of the week that the broadcaster announced that Wendler and Laura Müller (22) should have their own show again. Due to the extreme criticism that was triggered, the broadcaster announced its withdrawal a few days later. Amira (30) and Oliver Pocher (45) had actually already predicted it. When they recorded their podcast, it was pretty clear to both of them that this documentary could hardly be made.

Amira Pocher predicts the flop of the Wendler documentary: “I don’t think it will come to that”

In their podcast “The Pochers!” Amira and Oliver talk about the latest headlines every week. Of course, the Wendler documentary should not be missing either. In the latest episode, the two reveal their thoughts on the format and predict that “RTL2” won’t go all the way. The podcast episode was taped on Wednesday — even before the station pulled the rip cord. And it was already clear to the Pochers that it was nearly impossible for the docu-soap to actually come to pass.

The comedian quickly clarifies that they recorded the episode on Wednesday morning: “We don’t know what else will happen until Friday.” And with what the announcement alone has triggered, he believes it will be very difficult for RTL2 “to bring this documentary to television”. And Amira is also sure: “I don’t think it will come to that.” The 44-year-old sees the reason for this above all in the fact that ‘hardly any sponsor in this environment will book anything’.

The Wendler documentary was again canceled after Shitstorm

In a statement, “RTL2” only announced on Tuesday that a six-episode docu-series was to be broadcast this year. It should be about the birth preparations of pregnant Laura and her Wendler. However, Amira and Oli should be right. Because after strong criticism from all sides and a real shit storm, the broadcaster decided on Thursday to pull the launch cord and throw the documentary overboard.

Oliver Pocher on Laura Müller: “She herself hasn’t done anything wrong now”

It was therefore absolutely no surprise for the Pochers that “RTL2” was back. The two couldn’t have imagined what the six-part documentary should have been about anyway. “It’s going to be boring as shit,” thinks Oli. “What should be shown in six episodes?” asks the father of five children.

However, according to Oliver Pocher, Laura’s chances of a TV return are better: “You still have to subdivide this, Laura Müller is in quotes in the neutral zone because she herself has done nothing wrong.”

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