“Deutschland sucht den Superstar” Jill Lange must leave the series


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“My main task: to persevere and not to vomit.” Candidate Marleen Schäfer (19) dragged herself to the performance on “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (RTL) with a chalk white face that was truly atypical for the holiday paradise of Phuket: she had stomach problems before the penultimate recall decision and vomited four times, after which the cycle collapsed. But giving up is not an option. But the fights aren’t always rewarded either: Marleen was eliminated, as were Jill Lange (22) and Jaden Fischer (17).

DSDS fans are outraged at being kicked out

The social media community almost went wild over it. Not necessarily because of Jill, but because of Marleen and especially because of Jaden. “His performance was hailed, then he was expelled? WTF?” As far as his fans’ outrage goes, the 17-year-old has a lot of potential beyond DSDS. Or precisely because of this: “Better to go to The Voice, they appreciate good voices.” In fact, it was not the first incomprehensible decision of the jury, but one of the last. After the final encore next week, only viewers will decide in live broadcasts.

Everything to succeed: even in the hospital there are repetitions

“The duet is the supreme discipline”, said Dieter Bohlen (69), who should know this after many years with Thomas Anders (60). That 15 is a pretty dumb number for duos? gift. Who will get angry about every deviation in the “mother of German casting shows”? Lawa Baban (25) sang alone the duet “Endless Love” (by Luther Vandross and Mariah Carey). Jaden Fischer (17) and Sem Eisinger (29) sang “You Raise Me Up”, which was sung by Josh Groban in 2004 as a solo on the hit, as a duet. Everything is working. If you want.

Tatjana Ivanovic (19) and Kiyan Yousefbeik (25) also wanted it. Her ambition went so far that she accompanied him when he had to go to the hospital for a check-up with a swollen ankle. “Then we will rehearse at the hospital.” A duet, a word. The result: The two delivered the highlight with “The Joker And The Queen” (Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift). Dieter Bohlen even spontaneously left the jury on the streets of Old Phuket Town out of sheer enthusiasm and warmly embraced Kiyan. “It was a magical moment,” breathes the Titan, delighted. “I’m proud that you’re my golden boy.” Bohlen had thrown his gold CD at Kiyan during the casting. It was worth it.

At your own risk: Sem Eisinger risks his neck

Sem Eisinger (29), in turn, risked his head for the chance to reach the live broadcasts. Literally. The soulful giant has had laryngitis since the castings. Doctors warned that it could become chronic and advised against using the booster. Voice coach Juliette Schoppmann also paled, but Sem wouldn’t give up. The razor blade dance continues for him and his vocal cords, he reaches the next round.

Not Jill Long. The protagonist of “Durchnudel-Gate”, since then the declared close friend of Bitch Babe’s colleague in the jury office, Katja Krasavice (26), was expelled. Finally and late, wrote many commenters on Instagram. And always tragic, but at least ironic of fate. Because Jill got it right after delivering one of her strongest duet performances with vocal sovereign Monica Gajek (21), which even the pop titan has certified. The community isn’t worried about Jill. “Next stop ‘Adam sucht Eva’,” wrote one unsympathetic.

A stripper Chippendale convinces the jury, but not the fans

Nor does the jury have an easy task. In the 20th year, DSDS is not just about voice, but about the “total package”. So vocal star potential associated with optics and external impact and external presentation. And this time he kind of doesn’t want to function as a unit in one person. Lorent Berisha (19) is undoubtedly a gifted voice, Felix Gleixner (27) and David Leischik (27) are also vocally “absolute bank”, as Dieter Bohlen put it. But make no mistake, they don’t have the optical fade of Alexander Klaws in 2003 or the cheeky charm of young Pietro Lombardi (30 today) when he won the season in 2011.

Visually, Peris Grigoriadis (24) in particular could have star potential for the boys (besides Kiyan). But he clearly lacks vocal power. However, he has confidence. After nearly every contestant on the last show would have liked to ticket him back “as one of the weakest,” he delivered a gutsy performance. Notably as Chippendale stripper at the pool party, but also in front of the jury. “You sang the hook better than Rose,” Dieter was surprised, though Peris “also screwed up from behind,” as the Titan continued. Nonetheless, it was enough for Peris, much to the horror of Insta fans, for the next round.

It’s next week: who’s going to the concerts?

This also applies to his duet partner Rose Ndumba. Although the development of the 24-year-old, who was once considered a golden throat, has been steadily declining for weeks. not your ego. In his opinion, the “first-person shooter” Peris was clearly to blame for his failure. The partner she had chosen herself!

After all, with girls, the direct hit of singing power and star optics is closer to the realm of possibility. Lawa Baban, the unique duo, appears and sings apart. The Swiss Tatjana Ivanovic (19) can even sing a tad better. And Monica Gajek also has “The Looks and the Voice”. However, she is so wrong and totally in love that a time-consuming career can fail due to heart issues.

Aileen Sager (23) could play the main role in a film adaptation of “Barbie”. She can sing better than she showed this time. If it’s up to Insta users, it should still be tight for them and their hit-loving duet partner Natalie Nock (29) next week. Then, the last two talents are eliminated from the “dozen singers” before the start of the live shows. For the best or for the worst. It doesn’t matter with whom.

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