Shakira triumphed in the United States. The singer traveled to the North American country with her children Sasha and Milan in a few days that she gave them a lot. They traveled not only to be in but also gave them time to tour New York.

And in those hours of leisure, it seems, The Colombian singer was caught crying in a chocolate shop.

The one from Barranquilla attended the NBC program with Bizarrap and, in addition to acting on the set, both talked about their session. “The song is for the women who put up with as much shit as I did.“, said the Colombian artist, who also assured that it was 10-year-old Milan who encouraged her to collaborate with the Argentine producer.

Both the artist and her little ones are back in Spain, but their trip to the other side of the pond gave a lot. The family not only made their stop with Jimmy Fallon for the interview, but gave them time to walk around the Big Apple.

This was demonstrated by some photographs that were published in which one sees Shakira at the M&Ms store in Times Square. According to the media, she went with Shasha and Milan, but in the images of her, only she is seen talking to a woman, who could be a fan of hers.

It is unknown what they were talking about, but in the snapshots Shakira is seen crying, with a sad face, so her tears would not be of joy.

Now the supposed reason for those tears has been known. According to the program that quote “close people” to the singer, The cause of Shakira’s reaction was caused by “stress”.

Shakira could be living the consequences of the stress of famemany say, stress due to the situation she is experiencing”. And it is that, they pointed out, although she is achieving great successes professionally, the Colombian would have been overwhelmed by the situation.