Miguel Angel Munoz touched by Tata: “The fear of her death prevents me from enjoying”


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  • Miguel Angel Muñoz was visibly touched by the evolution of Tata, who managed to reach Netflix with his film.

  • This is CuarenTata by Miguel Angel Muñoz.

Miguel Angel Munoz he is a happy person. Few Spanish actors can count on such a special person as daddy. Named Louis Stonerhave 97 years old and is the actor’s biggest confidante. Many people think that Tata is Michelangelo’s grandmother, but this is far from the case. Louise is the sister of the actor’s great-grandmother., but ever since Michelangelo was little, they had a great relationship. “My parents were very young and didn’t have the means to hire someone to look after me while they worked. At the age of three they had to turn to my father, he returned home and spent three years“explains Munoz in an interview with RTVE.”We create a very special connection and since then we have never parted, ”he adds.

Miguel Angel Muñoz and Tata on the set of 100 Days with Tata

Miguel Angel Muñoz and Tata on the set of 100 Days with Tata

Miguel Angel Muñoz and Tata on the set of 100 Days with Tata

The relationship between Miguel Angel and Tata changed during their imprisonment. The actor and the most important person in his life spent quarantine togetherfurther strengthening their excellent relationship. It was there that Munoz had the idea to shoot day after day with Tata, assuring that this documentary meat. Now, months after the release, 100 days with Tata comes to Netflix.

In film, Miguel Angel spend a few minutes when Tata dies. Despite being more alive than ever, the actor had a season in which he was afraid to tighten the connection even morebecause the farewell will be even more painful. “This is real therapy, which I have been doing for six years. When I got over it, I realized that enjoying it does not mean that it will end later and that I will miss it even more, but that we should have enjoyed life as much as we can together. And when we’re no longer together, then the pain will have to be seen to happen. But it was very important to me, and therefore I wanted to include these real therapies in the film.“, – explains the actor.

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Upon arrival at Netflix, the documentary went international like wildfire. Many users expressed their love for the actor via Twitter, claiming that this is one of the most exciting films they have seen in recent months. For her part, Tata is also very happy. Through your Instagram profile, Louise wanted to thank the audience for their love. “The truth is, I can’t believe it, who was going to tell me? At 97, oh my god!“, – expressed Tata, who at the moment is already a part of all of us, eternal.

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