For weeks, it has been the most anticipated event. The wedding of Chenoa and Miguel Sánchez Encinas it has captured all eyes, especially for the privacy with which it was carried and for the guests who would attend. But, after the link held last weekend, there are many images and anecdotes that are being shared.

The that they would attend the celebration was one of the most discussed topics, since it seems that not everyone was invited. For months, the presence of some such as Rosa López, Manu Tenorio or Nuria FergóY finally they were not. “I would love to go, but what I would really love is for her to be very happy and for them to eat partridges,” Fergó said when asked.

they were finally Gisela, Natalia, Alejandro Parreno and Geno the former colleagues of who were present. The notorious absences caused a stir, but the bride already declared that there would be time for more celebrations.

who was was Soraya Arnelasformer participant of and friend of Chenoa. Both singers are united by many years of relationship and projects together, such as , either the song they released together in 2020.

But, taking advantage of the presence of the and having such good voices there, they all joined in one of the most emotional moments for pay homage to the late Álex Casademunt.

As has been shown In an exclusive video, the six former contestants stood in front of the microphone and they sang the mythical anthem of .

In the images shared by the you see them visibly moved and with tears in their eyes while they sing. “We are going to dedicate this to our partner, Álex, that we love you,” Chenoa introduced, looking at the sky.