Angelika Kallwass Petite pension: But she still works for a second reason


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On November 5, 2001, Sat.1 broadcast the program “Zwei bei Kallwass” for the first time. After the first attempts with real protagonists, the program was quickly scripted, but the problems of the amateur actors, which psychologist Angelika Kallwass (73) tried to solve, could have come from real life.

Kallwass himself said in a 2010 interview to “” says: “At the beginning, we also worked with real victims. However: The recordings were time consuming, expensive and the ratings were miserable.” Therefore, they turned to lay people who could speak freely and improvise if necessary.

The series was ultimately well received by audiences, with over three million views at its peak. But at some point, the interest faded. Although Sat.1 always tried to change the trend by renaming it “Kallwass trett ein”, the format was finally discontinued on March 8, 2013.

Since then, Angelika Kallwass has rarely appeared on television screens. In 2019, for example, she appeared with Markus Lanz (53) and spoke about the void the death of her husband Wofgang Kallwass left in her life. He had died a year earlier, in 2018, at the age of 89.

Angelika Kallwass completes her pension

But even when her television career is over, the 73-year-old has by no means retired. And in mid-2020, Angelika Kallwass also revealed one of the reasons why she is still professionally active on the “Webtalkshow” on YouTube: “I receive a pension of 380 euros per monthI can’t live from it and I can’t die from it,” she said at the time.

The psychologist immediately explained the reason for the short pension: “In my life I worked only as a retired student, then later again in the hospital of the university clinic.” The rest of the time, she was self-employed and did not pay enough attention to her pension.

Kallwass advice to viewers: “Contribute your pension. It will be worth it at some point.”

However, anyone who thinks Kallwass is at odds with his fate is wrong. “I work because I like to work, otherwise I would be bored to death,” the mother-of-two said on the show. Today, she still exercises her current profession far from the television landscape.

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