‘Grey’s Anatomy’: McDreamy and Co. Ellen Pompeo Reveals Her Saddest Scene


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18 seasons and no end in sight: “Grey’s Anatomy” is an integral part of the global television landscape. Doctors at Gray Sloan Memorial could not stop the greatest disasters. Lead actress Ellen Pompeo (52) has also been featured since the start, but will be a bit shorter in the upcoming season.

In her “Tell Me” podcast, she revealed her saddest scene on the show. The selection should surprise only a few.

Patrick Dempsey (56) aka Derek Shepherd aka McDreamy was Meredith’s great love. Shortly before his own death, he saves the lives of four people, but when he gets back into his car, he is run over by a trailer truck. Although he is immediately transported to the hospital, a cerebral hemorrhage goes unnoticed. A little later, the doctor is declared brain dead. He and Meredith had just reconciled and he was about to return to Seattle. As if the situation wasn’t bad enough, Meredith now has to remove her life support. This ended the deep relationship between the two doctors which remains unmatched by fans to this day.

No wonder Ellen Pompeo also called Sherherd’s death the saddest scene on the show. Speaking on the podcast, she said: “I would say the scene of Derek Shepherd dying. And Mark Sloan right behind him. But when Derek Shepherd died it was very, very emotional and I knew how It was going to be hard on the fans. It’s really hard to play something like that because you can’t really pretend. You have to take yourself to dark, sad places. And it’s always incredibly sad when someone one dies. But Derek Shepherd was definitely the saddest of all the sad scenes.”

That Mark Sloan (Eric Dane, 49) appears in their ranking is all too understandable. After a plane crash, he suffered the effects of cardiac tamponade for 30 days before his life support devices were turned off.

You can see “Grey’s Anatomy” in this country streaming on Disney+ and Joyn and on free TV on ProSieben. A new episode of Season 18 airs here every Monday. The final takes place on August 15.

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